Trexler Library Staff

Kristin Brodt

Interlibrary Loan Manager

call 484-664-3510

image of Kristin Brodt
Karen Bydlon

Administrative Assistant

call 484-664-3551

image of Karen Bydlon
Kelly Cannon

Scholarly Communication and Digital Learning Librarian
Humanities and Business Subject Specialist

call 484-664-3602

image of Kelly Cannon
Tom Christie

Cataloging and Metadata Librarian

call 484-664-3575

image of Tom Christie
Nicholas Cunningham

Public Services Assistant

call 484-664-3606

image of Nicholas Cunningham
Jess Denke

Outreach and Assessment Librarian
Social Sciences Subject Specialist

call 484-664-3552

image of Jess Denke
Karen Gruber

Acquisitions and Budget Manager

call 484-664-3570

image of Karen Gruber
Rachel Hamelers

Teaching and Learning Librarian

call 484-664-3601

image of Rachel Hamelers
Tina Hertel


call 484-664-3551

image of Tina Hertel
Joy LeFevre

Public Services Associate

call 484-664-3501

image of Joy LeFevre
Kristen Leipert

Digital Projects Archivist

call 484-664-3588

image of Kristen Leipert
Penny Lochner

Head of Collection Resource Management
Serials & Databases Librarian

call 484-664-3561

image of Penny Lochner
Susan Falciani Maldonado

Head of Public Outreach and Information Literacy Services
Special Collections and Archives Librarian

call 484-664-3694

image of Susan Faliciani Maldonado
Susan Minnich

Collection Resource Management Associate

call 484-664-3553

image of Susan Minnich
Amanda Riegel

Public Services Assistant

call 484-664-3540

image of Amanda Riegel
Brittany Robertson

Library Technology and Digital Experiences Librarian

call 484-664-3520

image of Brittany Robertson
Emily Robinson

Public Services Assistant

call 484-664-3542

image of Emily Robinson
Donna Whary

Government Documents Associate

call 484-664-3564

image of Donna Whary