Library Instruction Policy and Procedures

Instruction, taught by Trexler Library staff, is offered to the Muhlenberg College community as part of the educational process and partnership, to support the curricular, research, and lifelong learning needs of library users.

Library Instruction Procedures

Purpose of Procedures

The purpose of these procedures is to provide guidelines for Trexler Library staff and the Muhlenberg College community with respect to scheduling, leading, and participating in library instruction.


  • Collaboration
    • Librarians, staff, and faculty are encouraged to partner in the educational process, collaborating in assignment design, research avenues, information literacy skill development, and other opportunities in all types of library instruction, as outlined below. Faculty members’ presence during and participation in library instruction helps to reinforce its objectives.
  • In-class Library Instruction
    • Scheduling and Reserving Spaces
      • To ensure sufficient preparation time and the availability of instruction space, faculty members are asked to give at least one week advance notice of their instruction requests. Requests are scheduled in the order received, on a first-come, first-served basis. If requests are made with less than one week’s notice, instruction may or may not be scheduled, depending on the requirements of the instruction session and the availability of the librarian; alternate days/times may be considered.
      • Spaces outside the library may be considered when scheduling library instruction, as needed. Requirements for some courses, topics, and assignments may be better addressed in the classroom setting, rather than the library, depending on technological needs, space constraints, etc.
      • Instruction can be highly customized to individual course and assignment needs, with regard to topic and length of session. Sessions can range, for example, from a ten-minute introduction to a 75-minute instruction session.
    • How to Request Instruction
      • Faculty may request instruction for their courses in one of three ways: contact their departmental liaison or subject specialist, contact the Information Literacy Librarian, or fill out the online instruction request form.
      • The librarian contacted will collect initial information (faculty's name, course name/number, number of students, desired meeting times, etc.) and then route the request to the Information Literacy Librarian.
      • The Information Literacy Librarian will assign the course to a librarian, after considering librarians' availabilities and the need for subject expertise for course/assignment.
      • The assigned librarian will review information already collected and contact faculty member for more necessary details to begin preparing for library instruction session.
    • Evaluation
      • In-class library instruction should include an evaluative element so that content and delivery can be assessed and improved.
  • Workshops
    • Topic
      • In an effort to promote and advance the principles of lifelong learning, Trexler Library will offer workshops to the Muhlenberg College community. Themes for workshops must be approved by the Library Instruction Coordinator, in consultation with the Library Director.
    • Evaluation
      • Workshops should include an evaluative element so that content and delivery can be assessed and improved.
  • Other Instruction
    • Trexler Library encourages discussion of other options to meet information literacy and other lifelong learning needs.